4 reasons why paid ISPs are better than free ISPs

Let's face it, why can you get the same thing through a free ISP and pay for an ISP? Many different companies offer cheap ISP services and often free internet services as well. But what you don't know is that the quality services of these free ISPs are not as good as other paid services.
Okay, let's start by discussing four main reasons to keep free ISPs from becoming your longtime Internet service providers.

1. Place ads in full screen
Annoying dude, remember the last time you browsed the internet and pop-ups, or when you opened a Du home internet with lots of ads? Do you remember how annoying it was? Now imagine having permanent ads on your screen spinning, flashing, and jumping towards you. This now happens when you have a free internet service provider. If free ISPs don't charge you, they have to be paid somehow so that they let others act as advertisers using you to take up your desktop space and convert it into Times Square payment.

2. Not completely free
Don't always trust what's shown on TV. This includes not always believing what you read on the internet. Many free internet service providers claim to provide free internet access. But what the fine print says is, you start paying for the service after the first two months. A subscription to so-called free internet providers is not always free.

3. Broadband? Where is the wide area?
Personally, the worst thing about free internet service providers is that their fast internet is really bad. Since these ISPs have to save money to provide free internet services, they usually don't have fast broadband.Experience shows that if they offer free internet service providers, it is like terrible fast internet access.

4. Reliability. Relay what?
Yes, I think free ISPs don't know how to pronounce "trustworthiness". Because sometimes your internet goes offline every now and then, or you run into a problem connecting this page to the internet. Either way, the worst part is you can't use it at all, no slow internet access. This is the reason why poor reliability is the number one reason for not getting a free internet service provider.

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